Ways To Use Screen Printing During Wedding Season

screen printing in MAWhen you think of weddings, the chances are high that you don’t think about screen printing in MA. There are many details to take of as it is, anyway! Still, utilizing screen printing can be a great way for spouses and bridal or groom parties to create memories at an affordable rate. Consider all the ways you can use screen printing services below, and call Greco Graphics when you need to place an order!



Bachelor/Bachelorette t-shirts

Whether you’re having a smaller get-together or an all-out vacation with your bridal or groom party, one thing is correct: you want to make these occasions memorable. What better way to mark the time than a custom printed t-shirt? Place an inside joke, title of the event, or even a date commemorating the occasion on shirts for memories that are sure to last a lifetime. It’ll feel like you’re reliving that party every time you wear it.


Fun signs

Let the world know your friend is getting hitched – or broadcast it yourself – through a yard sign or banner! We can get as creative with signs as we do with screen printing in MA, so feel free to run ideas by us and see what we can do for you. Banners are a fun, practical, and simple way to broadcast a message and will fit right into a bridal shower or bachelor or bachelorette party.



You’re going to need something to hold your fun drinks in while you are celebrating. Why not use a cup that commemorates the wedding or pre-wedding festivities? We specialize in providing promotional products, so don’t hesitate to ask us if we can add some flair to cups. Even better is the fact that these can get used for a long time after the event!


Pins, keychains, or stickers

Whether you want to hand them out to your wedding guests or have parties pin them on their clothes during your bachelor or bachelorette getaway, a simple but effective memento is always a lovely gift. We suggest pins or stickers, since they’re wearable and leave a lasting impression.



While weddings are all about romance, there’s no reason to think that creativity can’t get woven into it. We’ll help you be creative and design products people are sure to love. For quality screen printing in MA, call Greco Graphics at (978)-663-9122 and see what we can do for you today.