Embroidery is the process of using thread to stitch a design or text onto fabric. Embroidery can be done on sport shirts, sweatshirts or pants, caps, jackets, bags or just about any fabric you have.

Our embroidery department has over 20 years of experience and we do all our digitizing in house. We can reproduce any logo by scanning images from your photographs, letterhead, camera-ready artwork or original artwork and then create a digitized tape that electronically tells our embroidery machine exactly what to stitch. If you don’t have a logo, we can create one for you. We also have many stock logos from which to choose and each can be customized to suit your tastes. We do everything from corporate logos to sports teams to names on Christmas stockings. We have a large selection of threads to match your colors in your design. There is no minimum order. We can put your name on a jacket or personalize towels for your home.

We can also handle very large orders – thousands of pieces – as our state of the art technology makes our embroidery department efficient and capable of producing top quality work. If you are looking for a professional, sharp look for your company, team or even your family reunion, or, if you want to personalize a gift for yourself or someone else, please check out our embroidery expertise.

Donna and Richard make sure your embroidery order is done to perfection!\

Screen-printing prints your logo or design on many types of fabric using a multitude of ink colors. As in embroidery, we can take your logo or design one for you and transfer it onto your T-shirts or sweats or other apparel.

The final artwork is color separated and each segment is ‘burned’ onto a separate screen. Then the screens are fastened to our new automatic press. The correct ink color is applied to each screen and the goods are loaded onto pallets. Each color in the design is printed individually and heat flashed until all the colors are printed. Now, the design is complete and the goods are taken off the press and loaded onto a belt dryer. Once they come out the other end of the dryer, the goods are ready to wear! Screen-printing is ideal for sports uniforms with numbers, company outings, family reunions or corporate meetings. Our talented art department has over 20 years experience and can create or recreate just about anything you can think of to put on goods you supply or choose from our vast catalog selection. If you are not sure what you are looking for, just ask us! We are experts at helping our customers decide exactly what it is they are looking for. Screen-printing is also great for caps, bags, mouse pads, pennants and lots more. Check out the samples of our designs and you’ll see the quality workmanship we put into each order.

Screen Printing