Embroidery v. Screen Printing: What’s The Difference?

At Greco Graphics, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and high-quality screen printing in New England. With that in mind, we offer embroidery and screen printing services at our location in Billerica, Massachusetts. Both of these methods of apparel design are professional looking and durable, but how do you know what’s best for you?


Embroidered designs are stitched directly onto the article of clothing. Our high tech machines can take any photo, logo, or artwork and match the colors in the design to thread colors to ensure it’s exactly what you pictured. From personalized towels for your home to sweatshirts for the whole company, we make sure the design is just as you envisioned it.

Embroidered designs look great on all items – especially jerseys, towels, and sweatpants. Our most popular embroidered piece is polos. They are meant to stand out and look professional, and won’t fade over time. The design is sewn into the item, so you know it’s going to last – no matter how often it’s worn! Embroidered details ensure a uniform look for your whole team, whether in the office or on the field.



Screen printing takes your custom design, logo, or artwork and prints it onto the item of your choice one color at a time. This process dries the image on top of your apparel, leaving a smooth, professional finish for any occasion. Perfect for just about anything, including t-shirts, drawstring bags, and golf towels, screen printing will really make your design stand out. Our New England screen printing services will bring together your team, family, and company for every event.

When it comes down to it, neither process is “better” than the other, but rather a choice of personal preference. No matter what your design needs are, Greco Graphics is a top choice for screen printing in New England to bring people together and make your brand known. Give us a call at (978) 663-9122, or email Jim at jim.grecographics@gmail.com to see all that we have to offer.