Designing Promotional Products

promotional productsIt’s no surprise that promotional products are great or businesses and quality marketing materials. Some of the products, like pens, are something anyone can use. These types of items have broad reach and range, which means that they have to have designs that are appealing to many markets. Before you consider calling us to make these items for you, you should ponder these design aspects. Otherwise, they may not have the appeal or marketability you need for your business or organization.



Bold – but not loud – colors

If you want to make an impression, you need to grab the attention of potential customers fast. Bold color choice makes a product pop and will gain attention quick. However, it’s also important to ensure that the color isn’t too loud. That could drive customers away and be a bit harsh on the eyes. The right mix of bold and understated will make the color scheme perfect.



It’s crucial that the design and logo you choose can get placed on a variety of products. After all, promotional products are vast and for all sorts of occasions. You need to make sure that you collaborate with us to create a logo or design that can look as great on a t-shirt as it would on a keychain. So, make sure that the aesthetic is simple but effective. 


Clear statement

These products are meant to make a statement and show off a place of business. It’s best to get to the point and make an impact. Overdone logos or excessive text can detract from any of these items’ commercial appeal. Try your best to keep the logo, design, and writing short and sweet. When people contact you, then you can provide more details about your business and secure their patronage.


Complimenting the business

Since these products serve as marketing tools for your business, it’s crucial that they match the personality and message of the company that’s getting promoted. Whether it’s font choice or color scheme, make sure the design you want to use compliments they company vision. The items could be misleading otherwise.



Promotional products are great marketing tools and can boost business, but the design has to be top-notch for them to be entirely appealing. If you want to know more about these products and get quality results, call Greco Graphics at (978)-663-9122 and see what we can do for you today!